Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Booming of Furnitures Theme

Have you invested any Furniture businessrelated counters recently?

If yes, congratulations to you not only because you have earned some handsome profits but I foresee there will be more to come. Let me explain why later.

For newbie, you may wonder what are the furniture counters we are looking at. They are not a lot and complicated if compare to Plantation, Construction, Property and Technology sector.

Those I'm aware consist of LATITUD, POHUAT, LIIHEN, EUROSP, HOMERIZ, SHH. These counters share price have went up at least from 10 to 70% since January this year. The highest so far is SHH, which has just shoot up more than 80% over the past few days before it rebounded. This is scaring but let's put this counter aside first. Of course, there are 2 counters are yet to fly high but merely 10% so far. This is more or less related to the volatility of it's shares which the transaction volumes are very pity at this stage.

There the related counters on supplying plywood materials are HEVEA and FLBHD. These counters are definitely benefits a lot if the furniture countersmaking more money.

Basically the furniture business is booming since second half last year due to the demand and economy are recovering from the low peak especially the developed countries like US, Japan and Europe. Developing countries demand also rising due to brighter economy such as China, India and Indonesia. Since it is just turning from the low peak for less than a year, there will be more rally to go.

On top of that, USD appreciation against MYD also boost up the earning indirectly. In addition, most of these companies are running very low PE ratio. Thus, they are really inexpensive and low risk to invest at this stage although some of them have went up a lot. Furthermore, news started to flow out that some companies / leaders have started to expand their capacity in order to boost up the existing revenue.

I'm very confidence that these companies will be continuing to rack in more profit at least in the coming 2 to 3 quarters. Perhaps these counters near future prospects are even better than the property counters, as you can see property sector index has went up a lot.

Of course, there are some risks to consider as below:
1. Weakening demand from Japan, Europe and US.
2. Strengthening of MYD currency against USD and local factory currency i.e. DONG / BATH.
3. Significant rising of plywood cost as furniture main materials.
3. Re-occurring of Vietnam riots that affecting those have factories / operations in Vietnam.
4. Instability of Thailand politics that may affecting those have factories / operations in Thailand.
5. KLSE facing downtrend or correction.

Well, if want to list down all the risks, they are too much to go. But let's look at property sector, after some many negative news, those undervalue counters still went up steadily.

Well, It's a challenge now to make money from KLSE at this high index period even though you still see a lot people are making a lot of money. All we need to do is to play safe and invest every penny carefully. Therefore, I've swapped part of my plantation shares to invest in 1 of the counters above today. Not a lot but just trying to make some coffee money. :)

All the best!












嗯,这是一个挑战,现在赚钱从KLSE在这个高指数时期,即使你仍然可以看到很多人都赚了很多钱。所有我们需要做的是为了稳妥起见,小心投资的每一分钱。因此,我已经换了我种植股部分1计数器的投资高于今天。不是很多,但只是试图让一些咖啡的钱。 :)